There is no better programming language, than your natural one!

Compose validation rules in the language you use every day, openVALIDATION handles code creation for you.


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Our Philosophy

Instead of forcing humans to understand the complex inner workings of machines,
we should construct machines in a way, so they better understand us humans!

A Universal Grammar

Machines understand languages, that are formal and rigid, with unique and unambiguous instructions that are interpreted in precisely one way. Those formal, abstract languages, and programming languages in general, are hard to understand for humans like ourselves. Primarily, they are tailored towards the requirements of the machine. The user is therefore forced to adapt to the complexity of the formal language.

We questioned the traditional paradigms, and concluded that there is another way. We developed an entirely new language, openVALIDATION Language, with a grammar that is natural yet formal enough. It's a programming language for non-programmers.

Platform Independent Code Generation

Once a rule is described in openVALIDATION Language, it doesn't have to be implemented by a programmer. Instead, the openVALIDATION Generator will generate code for any target platform. The following platforms are currently supported: Java, JavaScript, C# and Python with more to come...

Since the code generation is based on Handlebars, it is possible to easily modify already existing code templates or even create your very own with minimal effort.

Integrated Compiler

Our integrated openVALIDATION Compiler checks validation rules and indicates potential errors. It ensures that the generated code is free of errors after compilation and is guaranteed to execute. Tailor-made custom error messages also help you to work more efficiently with openVALIDATION.

The compiler is not only a translator, it's your coach!

Seamless Process Integration with CLI and API

The openVALIDATION CLI integrates into any build pipeline without a hinch and works like a charm in every batch process.

For Java projects, you can use the Maven package for direct openVALIDATION API access.

OpenAPI Integration

The integration of openVALIDATION into OpenAPI enables the specification of complex validation rules within a service contract.
Thus, both the service stubs and the client proxies including validation logic can be generated automatically. read more...

Where do we come from?

openVALIDATION began as an innovation project at BROCKHAUS AG, an IT consulting company from Dortmund (Germany) with many years of experience in the development of enterprise systems in the insurance field. Out of the initially small internal project, with which we wanted to automate recurring development tasks, quickly emerged something bigger. That's why we decided to share it with the world as the open source project "openVALIDATION".

Some of us have been digitizing administrative processes for almost 20 years. We see daily how our work makes manual, recurring activities obsolete. This is a development that can hardly be stopped, because companies are forced to digitize their processes to ensure their competitiveness in an increasingly global market. On the other hand, the same companies have increasing difficulties finding IT professionals. Overcoming this imbalance is what drives us.

For the further development of openVALIDATION we hope to find fellow campaigners, that will help us have a real impact on the digital revolution!

Core Team

Silas sbischoff-ai

Data Scientist

Jan jages

ANTLR Hacker

Ilja thecodemonkey

A Coder

Lionel lionelpa


Matthias matthiaskrgr

Computational Linguist

Nico NLueg

IDE, Monaco, DevTools

Ben bnrc

Test Automation

Lasse LSchultebraucks

Social Media Expert



Thanks for template
engine evaluation

Dzmitry dlitmano

Thanks for documentation,
testing and a lot of good ideas


Thanks for REST interface
and playground integration


Thanks for more
than 3000 unit tests